WCATY and the Division of International Studies have partnered to design a program to bring the world's brightest minds together to investigate global issues - the Global Wisconsin Idea Program (GWIP). GWIP brings American and international students into the same program to live and learn together. Boy and RobotStudents will work in small teams that nurture cross-cultural creativity. In a global knowledge economy, GWIP offers the unique chance for students to match minds and skills with students from all over the globe. Program staff will bring a similar cross-national perspective and expand students’ global awareness and understanding.

GWIP is a summer institute for academically-talented high school students to engage in one of the world’s most interesting challenges: understanding the changing relationships between human actions and earth’s complex environmental systems. Students in this exciting program will learn how to integrate the latest science into real-world decision-making and creative problem solving, with the ultimate goal of sustainably managing our planet’s natural resources the air, water, land, and biological diversity upon which all life depends. Students will also participate in workshops and seminars offered by Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery researchers, faculty, and staff with a focus on sustainability, creativity, and innovation.

Learn what being a global citizen in the 21st century really means!


"This program will challenge high school students academically while acclimating them to the college environment. It is an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate that they are ready for the challenges of college work." - Adele C. Brumfield, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Wisconsin-Madison




  • 本项目申请表一份,从相关网页下载,填写完整、妥当(中英文皆可)
  • 推荐信一封,来自学校教师或非亲属的成年人,推荐人应了解申请者的学术能力和所
  • 获成绩(中英文文件皆可)
  • 最近的成绩单或其他学业表现记录(中英文文件皆可)
  • 短文一篇(500字以内),叙述学术申请者加入本项目的动机及对本项目的期待
  • 来自美国以外的学生须提供TOEFL, IELTS、SAT或者SLEP的成绩复印件(如目前持 有)
  • 申请预付款支付凭据复印件(如申请人选择向本项目的中国收费代理机构支付)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 电邮标题注明 “Application to the ‘Global Wisconsin Idea Program’” 。

申请截止日期:2011年4月1日。如收到申请材料完整,审阅随即开始,并于四周后开 始发送录取通知书。

如有关于本项目或申请资格和要求的疑问,请致信 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • 申请费:175美元(威斯康辛州居民75美元)
  • 书本及材料费:200美元
  • 在读期间医疗保险:240美元(所有国际学生必须购买)
  • 学费:3450美元(威斯康辛州居民2950美元)

学费包括在读期间所有住宿及伙食、娱乐活动、大学录取知识讲座,一次芝加哥大学和一次西北大学的周末旅行(含活动所涉交通 费用)。前来我校及项目结束后的国内或国际交通费用,及其他个人开支,并不包括在学费之内。



GWIP 2011

Session: July 10 - July 31

App Deadline: April 29 (EXTENDED!)

Fin Aid Deadline: April 15

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